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I am Juan. Some of you have may have worked with me or have even seen my work because I make sure to tag everyone in my post haha. I am South Florida based and if you've seen my content you might be able to tell that I love photographing. I primarily cover music but I do other events when I can. I grew up as an artist and later in my life while discovering myself in photography was introduced to music photography. It was a perfect storm situation since Thursday was just about to do a 10-year tour for Full Collapse and I was so lucky to get in. Unfortunately, they were the worst photos ever, besides one. This was in 2010. I dedicated my ass for years to do the best and I did. I made some amazing friends and covered some rare shows but eventually, It came to a stop. I was too inexperienced to know where to go with my talent so I took a break and everything stopped.  A few years came and went. Some shows passed that I would have loved to have captured passed me by, some tours were passed up and sadly we lost some amazing talent to depression that really hit me hard since it was never part of the plan. Eventually, I did some gigs to stay active but never committed. One day in 2016 I was told to expect a special person to arrive and in 2016 I decided to get back into it full time as much as I could. I've pulled off some awesome shit as a freelancer and heard some great music as a reviewer, while that lasted. but in early 2019 I suffered the biggest hit in my career my computer broke and I lost equipment. Months later my hard drive with the last 2 and a half years failed and I lost everything besides a decent portion of final content that you see on this newly updated website. I spent the first half of 2019 assisting weddings and other gigs..... I decided It was the universe just forcing me to step back, after all, I am an artist, we never finish, it was only for a short time. I am excited to be back and grow over the past with more live events and make new and exciting memories. even though I don't have everything I shot to share I still have stories from those events to share. So I hope we can have a chat. I would love to tell you about the time I had an artist look at me across the venue recognize me and nod and gave me some of the most memorable shots I've ever captured.

If you got this far I would love to hear from you. I would seriously love to know what part of a song is your favorite, the best show you ever got to attend or if you're interested in hiring me