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Q&A & Pricing

Why hire you?
I LOVE music, I've gone from happy to sad and sad to happy in an instant because of the power of music. I used to play and understand the passion. I dedicated my talent to photographing the best of songs and my mission to make a living off of it.

- What services do I offer & where? 
I cover a range of events from the obvious, like concerts to social media content to promotional material like album and posters and even working on adding video down the road. I am available to cover all of Florida and I am open to touring opportunities
Side note. I also offer my talent in the wedding, engagement and other personal events http://www.Jhernandezphotography.com

- Delivery time & method?
In most cases within a couple of days, unless we are dealing with a big project, this will be further covered when we chat. I will deliver via Google Drive or if you have a specific method I will work with you on that.

- What about payment options?
I accept exposure lol,jk 
Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, cash, check, 

I will work my best to give you the best price so please reach out so we can discuss this but here is a general price for some services. 
-Band photoshoot start at $250 for an hour (3-4 band members)
- Portraits start at $185 per hour up to two people
 Invoice must be paid in full before content delivery

INCLUDES noncommercial social media rights, 
Session done within 25 miles of 33025
Edit time and my artistic style